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Holding a bubble | 端着泡泡

Holding a bubble | 端着泡泡

SKU: 0038

[Painting Inspriation]

Gong Bi & Customized Portrait painting 工笔画及私人定制画

7in x 5in (17.8cm x12.7cm), complete in 2021, Orlando, Florida, USA.


This painting is required customized painting to a client. A little boy who loves bubble and enjoy holding a bubble, not blowing away.


We paint in Gongbi style to depict details of figure. Per requirements to match Morden style of clients’ house, we use two colors only to simplify total look of painting.   


[Personalized Gift] 

Gallery can add customized name on a gift tag if you provide the customized name.


[Painting You Will Receive]

An original Chinese painting on Chinese rice paper without photo frame but with a black photo mat board only.


The Painting Designed for Simple Photo Frame Size as below:

You also can choose to purchase a frame in our gallery.

Painting Dimensions

7in x 5in (17.5cm x13.1cm)


Photo Frame Dimensions

Painting without a mat, width: 5 "    (13 cm)

Painting without a mat, height: 7 "   (18 cm)

The Painting with mat, width: 4 "      (10 cm)

The Painting with mat, height: 6 “    (15 cm)

Mat opening, width: 3 ½ "                  (09 cm)

Mat opening, height: 5 ½ "                 (14 cm)

Frame width: 6 "                                 (15 cm)

Frame height: 7 ¾ "                             (20 cm)



[Chinese Culture Introduction] 


Gongbi / 工笔画 

simplified Chinese: 工笔; traditional Chinese: 工筆; pinyin: gōng bǐ; Wade–Giles: kung-pi


Gongbi is a careful, realist technique in Chinese painting. Gong means 'tidy' (meticulous brush craftsmanship). The gongbi technique uses highly detailed brushstrokes that delineates details precisely. The opposite of the interpretive and freely expressive, xieyi (寫意 'sketching thoughts') style.


The gongbi style originated from 'Silk Painting' 帛画 in 'Warring States period ' 战国时代 (475BC-221BC) also known as 'fine painting ' 细画, which flourished in the 'Tang Dynasty ' 唐朝 (618-907). These paintings peaked out between the Tang and Song dynasties (7th to 13th centuries) when these refined paintings were endorsed and collected by the royal families of China. To perfect this style, the gongbi artists must totally commit themselves to these techniques. Only the wealthy could afford such artists. This style of art was accomplished in secret in royal palaces and private homes.


During the 'Qianlong period' 乾隆年间 of the 'Qing Dynasty' 清朝(1636-1912), "gongbi painting" was formally proposed as a standardized painting category concept.






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  • It is my honor to work with you to make your experience a wonderful one and to make sure you are happy with your new art!

    We feel sorry that we cannot accept any personalized or customized paintings, and product refunds or exchanges are not permitted at this time. Please choose carefully before you decide to purchase your art piece.

    All sales are final once you have received your painting, and we do not accept returns. However, throughout the painting process, if you are not satisfied as any time, we can refund you 50% of the full price.

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