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  Inspiration Through Appreciation  

 GraceDL Gallery consists of dreamers who are grateful for the beauty of our planet and dare to chase their dreams regardless of any hard work. These dreamers use their given talent to create their artwork in appreciation of the beauty around us. Regardless of background, all artists at GraceDL Gallery deeply love Chinese artwork and insist on using their talent to honor and appreciate traditional Chinese culture.

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Fu Sang


A Fine Artist of Chinese Painting & GraceDL Art Gallery Founder

Fu Sang,(Chinese:扶桑; pinyin: Fú Sāng), born Dong Lu (Chinese: 董璐 pinyin: Dǒng lù; English: Grace D. McBride, G is an abbreviation for Grace D. McBride) 
a fine artist of Chinese painting, a fashion artist, and GraceDL Art Gallery Founder.
Fu Sang was born in Tai Yuan, the dragon city of Shanxi province in China. During childhood, Fu Sang was deeply influenced by traditional Chinese culture. g started to paint at the age of 4 and has been classically trained in Traditional Chinese painting since the age of 6.
However, as with many Chinese parents, Fu Sang’s parents did not support painting as a reliable career. Therefore, Fu Sang had to stop painting and pursue a different career after graduating from a university.
Fu Sang has worked in the fashion industry for over ten years. Fu Sang lives abroad, has traveled around the world, and continues to be influenced by the beauty of different cultures.
Despite the inspiration gathered from other cultures, Fu Sang is profoundly bonded to China. The further away from China that Fu Sang goes, the closer Fu Sang feels to Chinese roots. Fu Sang’s appreciation for Chinese heritage and the beauty of the planet as a whole are what continue to fuel g’s artist vision; Fu Sang is grateful, so Fu Sang paints again. Fu Sang founded GraceDL Gallery in Germany in 2016. Fu Sang started to paint her first fashion collection “THE HOME” in the United States and released her fashion brand ‘’ in 2019.
Fu Sang loves art, but she is more than a fine painting artist. She thinks art could be more functional than simply visual satisfaction. She wishes for everyone to use art, wear art, and enjoy art in daily life.
Fu Sang also senses a mission to celebrate the traditional Chinese culture and share it with everyone around the world through the paintbrush.
Fu Sang believes art is a gift. Fu Sang appreciates this gift, so Fu Sang continues to paint. This gift belongs to everyone.

Mother Holding Baby Finger


A Fine Gongbi Artist

M is an abbreviation for Mrs.Mcbrizzle. Mrs.Mcbrizzle is a Gongbi artist, she devotes herself on highly detailed brushstrokes that delimits details very precisely. She is also a lovely wife and a mother of two kids.Even though life is going to be busier than ever, she never hesitates to continue her art style by meticulous brush.She is also our popular customized artwork artist in GraceDL art gallery.



A Fine Calligraphy Artist & Freehand Brush Work Artist

L is an abbreviation for ‘Lu’ (路).


L was influenced by her mother who has always been fascinated with Chinese calligraphy. She started to write Chinese calligraphy at the age of 4 and has been classically trained in Traditional Chinese calligraphy since the age of 7. typically preferred running script and seal script. L was encouraged by an art teacher in primary school, so she started to freehand paint at the age of 7. She completed her first customized painting order from her mathematics teacher before she graduated from elementary school.


L likes ancient Chinese culture, poems, and literature. She loves to use her freehand painting brush to chase the steps of Chinese masters in ancient times.



Visual Artist

The beauty of Chinese art is not only by brush; the camera can catch the moment of beauty instantly and the video can describe the beauty more vividly. DL merges modern technology with traditional Chinese art. As such, DL utilizes the unique abilities of still photography and video to create the vision of beauty that ancient Chinese art intends to express. Chinese heritage and the sprint of Chinese art is expressed in a modern way through DL’s work.

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