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Lovely Bird Family

Lovely Bird Family

SKU: 0011

[Painting Inspriation]

Lovely Bird Family,6.9in x 5.2in (17.5cm x13.1cm),complete in 2018,Miami


Lovely Bird Family is inspired by a birthday gift to my girlfriend’s family. She loves colors and birds. She has a very lovely family with her first baby.


[Unqiue Artist Customized Gift Package]

An original Chinese painting on Chinese rice paper with photo frame.


It will be packaged as gifts includes the painting, an extension customized painted Greeting Card and Chinese Bookmark/House Pendant. They will be put into Bubble Mailer to send to you.


[Personalized Gift] 

I can write on the ancient Chinese character by calligraphy per your request under my design suggestion. You can find any 12 animal sign in this store and purchase per the birthday year which is instructed by the Chinese Culture Introduction below.


[Painting  You Will Receive]

An original Chinese painting on Chinese rice paper without photo frame.


The Painting Designed for Simple Photo Frame Size as below:

You can purchase the frame in IKEA for 3.99$

Painting Dimensions

6.9in x 5.2in (17.5cm x13.1cm)

Photo Frame Dimensions

Picture without a mat, width: 5 “  (13 cm)

Picture without a mat, height: 7 “ (18 cm)

The picture with mat, width: 4 “   (10 cm)

The picture with mat, height: 6 “  (15 cm)

Mat opening, width: 3 ½ “           (09 cm)

Mat opening, height: 5 ½ “          (14 cm)

Frame width: 6 “                         (15 cm)

Frame height: 7 ¾ “                    (20 cm)


[Artist Introduction: Grace D.McBride]


She is a traditional Chinese painting artist was born in China, lived in Germany and currently lives in Miami, FL in the United States. She started to paint when she was 4 years old and had been classically trained in Traditional Chinese painting class with university students, starting when she was 6 years old.


She has traveled around the world, lived abroad, experienced different cultures, and the further she went the closer she felt to her Chinese root. So she would like to be a storyteller with my painting brush, to share my culture with you. She believes art belongs to everyone, and it is a gift to everyone. She is grateful, so she paints. 


You can find a lot of her paintings that are gifts she gives to whom she loves and appreciates including herself. If you like her painting, welcome to communicate with her. That means your life start to grow together in a beautiful miracle way.

Painting from Appreciation 


[Interested in me, welcome to follow]

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  • It is my honor to work with you to make your experience a wonderful one and to make sure you are happy with your new art!

    We feel sorry that we cannot accept any personalized or customized paintings, and product refunds or exchanges are not permitted at this time. Please choose carefully before you decide to purchase your art piece.

    All sales are final once you have received your painting, and we do not accept returns. However, throughout the painting process, if you are not satisfied as any time, we can refund you 50% of the full price.

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