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Private Chinese Art Workshop

Gongbi is one of the oldest Chinese painting techniques, which began approximately 2000 years ago during the Han dynasty (206 BC – 220 AD). Gongbi artists must commit themselves to these techniques to perfect this style. Only the wealthy could afford such artists. This art style was accomplished secretly in royal palaces, private homes, and featuring narratives or high authority figures. It is an elegant and peaceful experience. 


GraceDL Art Gallery chose the Gongbi style as the initial art workshop to bring the finest art painting experience into your daily life. 

GraceDL Art Gallery's commitment to the heritage of traditional elegant Chinese painting and applied to modern usage to introduce Chinese culture worldwide. So you will not find paper plates or cups in the GraceDL workshop. We will provide you with authentic fine material from Chinese history to let you experience the refined traditional Chinese culture as closely as possible.  


So to service you better. The Reservation Fee will ultimately spend to purchase all fine materials for your party. It will not fully cover all costs of all materials we provide. However, it is good enough for us to see your commitment to us. So the reservation fee is not refundable.  


In consideration of all costs, we have a minimum of 10 guests is a requirement for a Private Party booking.


You name it, whether it's a girls' night out, birthday party, team building event, bachelorette party, sorority function, church group, baby shower, fundraiser, graduation party, etc. We'll customize it for you to meet your desire.​



Crane | 鹤, the Chinese Gong Bi painting, will be serviced at your party if you are the first time with us.


We suggest you prepare a glass of drink for each gu to cheer during or after the workshop. It will be significant to cheer for encouragement and achievement for all your attendees. 


What you will experience with us:


We'll provide all traditional Chinese Gong Bi painting supplies. 



Exclusive Gong Bi Painting with a Chinese Artist Grace DL/ 扶桑



A framed GongBi Painting by yourself (7inches x 5 inches)


(7英寸x5 英寸)


Seal yourself on your finished Chinese painting with a traditional Chinese stamp.



Customized signature designed for all attendees to match your finished Chinese painting by GraceDL Art Gallery

由GraceDL 画廊为每位贵宾提供的个人专属定制签名以配套最终画作


Suitable for adults of all levels and abilities, and experience.



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